What We Do

Ombuds Services supplements existing compliance and formal reporting channels by offering a place where staff can talk privately about building communication and collaboration.  We provide a variety of informal services to assist employees in preventing and/or resolving any workplace conflicts efficiently and effectively.  We work with staff and their supervisors or coworkers.  We listen respectfully and emphasize collaboration and fair consideration of all sides of an issue.


The visit is a private conversation with a skilled neutral in which the visitor can think out loud about a workplace situation, gain clarity and perspective, and receive information about resources and possible constructive approaches.  Afterwards, the next steps are entirely up to the visitor.  For detailed information about the visit click here (pdf link). For more information about scheduling a visit, please see UNM UAP Policy 3300; Section 7.5 (https://policy.unm.edu/university-policies/3000/3300.html).


We facilitate effective analysis of problems, skilled communication, and informal process to help parties establish a better way forward.


We provide confidential mediation process facilitated by experienced neutrals in a private, neutral setting.  Ombuds mediations are preceded by individual visits.  The parties determine the topics and outcome of their mediation.  This is a voluntary process.

View the Ombuds Services for Staff Agreement to Mediate (pdf link)


We provide informal process, training, and visits for groups including departments. Trainings and visits are designed to improve the group's collaboration and communication, and to encourage constructive conflict management. This process allows every team member to be involved in creating their healthy work environment. Please see the link below for more information.

Team Individual Visits Process (pdf link)


Ombuds Services refers visitors to university policy that offers guidance in the visitor's situation.  We also provide referrals to specific university agencies and other relevant resources.  The visitor maintains full authority over what resources to access following the visit.


We provide training in constructive conflict management skills and other related topics.  We give brief presentations on Ombuds Services upon request.  Click here for a sample list of the trainings and presentations we offer.